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Established in 2013. Bee Wirral is a lottery funded community centre, created to help bring a sense of community to Birkenhead. The organisation was called Birkenhead Early Excellence, which is where the name Bee comes from, as the centre is renowned for our baby groups and infant massage led by Lisa Heath of Relaxed Bay-Bees

As the centre has grown through kind donations and having more friendly faces through the door, we have established ourselves as a place for people to book rooms for meetings, family contact sessions, courses, and social groups such as sewing and a men's club. 

By coming together with FareShare, we have also created a Food Co-op. This allows people to have access to food for just £3 a bag (suggested donation), without any need for referral, and no questions asked. We have recently opened up a Beauty Bank, and are part of the directory of free toiletries run by Toiletries Amnesty. If you need free toiletries, all you have to do is ask, and we'll see how we can help you.

Recently, we have taken on a beehive, and have some lovely home-made cards and bags available to buy

Overall, we are excited to continue to develop our community centre as an essential part of Birkenhead and a hub for the local community to learn and grow, a place to Bee.

DATA PROTECTION NOTICE - General Data Protection Regulation FROM MAY 2018 
With the new GDPR guidelines in effect, we would like to ensure that everybody is aware of what happens with any data that you give over to BEE Wirral. This may be through a registration form online, or when you register for an activity at the centre. All information that we are given from you with your permission is stored electronically and will not be shared with other organisations, except in line with our confidentiality policy.  We keep this information to help us with our funding bids, and to assess which activities are doing well. You do not have to provide us with any information you are uncomfortable sharing, and if you have any difficulty filling in a form online because of not wanting to disclose details, or if you feel that your data has been misused by BEE Wirral in anyway,  please do get in touch with us so that we can resolve the issue.

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Rachael McCoosh




Early Years Lead 
Relaxed Bay-Bees



Play Worker 
Bee Bee's Creche

Our Awards

We were very successful during the Third Sector business sectors awards, and are very honoured to have been awarded The Growth Award. 
We would like to thank all of our partners, friends and visitors of the community centre for their continuing support.